Shanghai may have some customs different to your country – we are here to reveal them all.

Walking and Driving

scooter on the right side of the roadIn China, people stand on the right side of the escalator and drive on the right side of the road.


China 100 RMB note

The currency in Shanghai is Yuan (元/¥), don’t get it mixed up with your dollars!

Here are the money conversions(approximately):

  • 1 US Dollar –> 6 RMB
  • 1 Singapore Dollar –> 5 RMB
  • 1 Australian Dollar –> 6 RMB
  • 1 British Pound –> 8 RMB
  • 1 Euro –> 7 RMB
  • 10 Rupee –> 1 RMB
  • 16 Japanese Yen –> 1 RMB

Use this website for further conversions: Currency Converter

Chinese Tea

Chinese tea

When visitors are present, come to your house, you need to greet them. The best way is to greet them with a steaming cup of Chinese tea… Click here to find out how to traditionally make Chinese tea!

Chinese New Year/Spring Festival

Chinese New Year lanterns

Chinese people celebrate the Spring Festival, or the Chinese New Year annually to celebrate the coming new year from January to February for 15 days. People hang up red rhymes to symbolize good luck and they eat different types of food which all stand for different important parts of the new year.

  • Fish – Represents having more money and prosperity throughout the year
  • Dumplings – Represents wealth throughout the year
  • Spring Rolls – Wealth
  • Tang Yuan (Sweet Rice Balls) – Family Reunion
  • Tangerines and Oranges – Believed to bring good luck and fortune
  • Sticky Rice Cake – Higher income/higher position
  • Long Noodles – Live a long life with happiness

They also have lion/dragon dances for good luck too!

Chinese lion dance

They will jump up and down, shake their heads violently and jump on each other and onto platforms, and also do special stunts.

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