In Shanghai, there are lots of cool places where you can go sightseeing and have fun. For example, the famous Pearl tower, which is located in Shanghai, is known all over China. Here are some of our favorite places you can go and visit.

 Yuyuan Garden

Yuyuan Garden Bazaar

Yuyuan Garden is a well-known place that many people go to. Yuyuan Garden is composed of six exquisitely designed gardens such as the San sui Hall. The highlights of the garden are classical Chinese architecture, detailed sculptures and carving and the busy Yuyuan bazaar. The Yuyuan bazaar is right next to Yu Garden. It has a great number of streets and lanes where you can find many restaurants, tea houses, and shops.

The Bund

The Bund is a broad promenade that runs along the west bank of the Huang Pu river. The buildings are very old and there is a historical museum about the history of the Bund. Before the 1840s, the Bund was just a narrow muddy lane. In 1846, after Shanghai was turned into a trading port, the riverside was reinforced, and a street was paved. It is a great place to go jogging or take a relaxing walk.

Shanghai Bund at night

The West Bund

The West Bund is a public open space where you can spend your time having fun. Activities include cycling along Bin Jiang Avenue, running at the Adidas Run base, stroll or jog along the boardwalk at your own pace, join a game of pick-up basketball, challenge yourself on the outdoor climbing wall, show off your skills at the skate park and exploring the area by bicycle. It is a fun place to go on a sunny day.

The Oriental Pearl TowerShanghai Pearl Tower

The worldwide famed Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower is located on the east bank of the Huangpu River. Built in 1991, the tower takes its name from its name from the 11 linked spheres of various sizes. It is a very fun place with many things to do, including a museum about the lives of people of the past in Shanghai. The tower has 15 viewing areas, including Space City as well as a revolving restaurant that shows great views.

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is one of the city’s top draws, attracting more than two million people each year. The Museum includes lots of nature and fun scientific exhibits and interactive shows about how natural disasters are caused electricity and others. The earthquake bridge is a well-known attraction. People step on the bridge and the bridge shakes violently for five minutes per ride. The bridge lets you experience firsthand the tremors and what happens during an earthquake.

Shanghai Science and Tech Museum

IFC Mall (International Financial Center)


The International Financial Center is a huge mall filled with cosmetics boutiques, clothing shops, supermarkets and more. There is the Palace Cinema on the first bottom floor which shows a lot of child friendly movies and others. Also on the second bottom floor, there is a big food court selling delicious snacks.

Shanghai Disney Resort

Shanghai Disney Resort is filled with thrills and adventures for guests of all ages! The rides Rex’s Racer, Roaring Rapids, Tron Light Cycle Power Run and Soaring Over the Horizon are especially exciting. There are many shops and adventure themed gift shops selling the famous Duffy the Disney Bear reminders, pins, magnets and other merchandise. Disneyland is a great place of wonder, surprises and imagination for all kids!

Shanghai Disney castle