When it comes to food, Shanghai is like an all-you-can-eat-buffet. Pick and choose: dumplings, palak paneer, sushi, fresh hand-pulled noodles, or just that burger – Shanghai’s got it all.

The most traditional food in Shanghai is the famous – and infamous – soup dumpling, or Xiao Long Bao, (pronunciation here):

Its direct translation is little dragon dumpling, and the people who have had the chance to try them will agree that it lives up to its name. Xiao Long Bao are ferocious; an inexperienced eater will end up with soup all over themselves because inside the precisely wrapped skins awaits a whole lot of burning hot soup! (which is surprising, considering the fact that they’re so small)

We believe that everyone deserves to know how to ‘properly’ eat Xiao Long Bao, so click here to learn more about this precise etiquette.

Aside from Chinese food (and most Asian cuisine), Shanghai still has plenty of Western food to fill in the gaps. A meaty burger fresh off the grill or creamy macaroni and cheese, you’re all set. Just remember to look in the right places.

Food safety is a big one. Street Food – it’s good to be adventurous! But if you are worried, avoid places with no/short lines. Stinky Tofu: the worse it smells, the better it tastes (or so they say…). And of course, the menus… Tripe means intestines, by the way.

Have fun exploring this foodie city!

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How to Eat Xiao Long Bao
How to Eat Xiao Long Bao
Using Chopsticks
Using Chopsticks
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