Speaking the Chinese language is important if you live in China. If you don’t, this will prevent you from finding your way to places, communicating with people, and much more! Luckily, the YCIS Girl Scouts are here to help you! 

Translation Apps

  • Baidu Translate
  • Google Translate
  • Pleco


Translation Websites

General Phrases

· Hello: 你好 {ni hao} 

· Bye: 再见 {zai jian]

· Yes: 是的/是 {shi de/shi}

· No: 不是的/不 {bu shi de}

· Waiter!: 服务员!{fu wu yuan}

· Please: 拜托 {bai tuo}

· Thank you: 谢谢 {xie xie}

· I don’t know: 我不知道 {wo bu zhi dao}

· I’m sorry: 对不起 {dui bu qi}

· HELP! 救命!{jiu ming}

Asking Questions

· Why? : 为什么? {wei shen me}

· How are you?: 你好吗? {ni hao ma}

· What is this? 这是什么? {zhe shi shen me}

· How much? 多少钱? {duo shao qian}

· Where is ___? : ___在哪里? {zai na li}

· Toilet: 洗手间/厕所 {xi shou jian/ ce suo}

· I want to go to: 我要去____ {wo yao qu}


· One: 一 {yi}

· Two:二 {er}

· Three:三 {san}

· Four: 四 {si}

· Five: 五 {wu}

· Six: 六 {liu}

· Seven: 七 {qi}

· Eight: 八 {ba}

· Nine: 九 {jiu}

· Ten: 十 {shi}

· Twenty: 二十 {er shi}

· Thirty: 三十 {san shi}

· Forty: 四十 {si shi}

· Fifty: 五十 {wu shi}

· Sixty: 六十 {liu shi}

· Seventy: 七十 {qi shi}

· Eighty: 八十 {ba shi}

· Ninety: 九十 {jiu shi}

· Hundred: 一百 {yi bai}

· Thousand: 一千 {yi qian}

· Ten Thousand: 一万 {yi wan}

If you want to make any number between that, put them together. For example, eleven is “ten one,” so it’s “shi yi.”