YCIS is great for many reasons some of them are going to be explained. There are really friendly people that go to YCIS, including the staff. Teachers at YCIS are always supportive in many ways. Teachers and students always work cooperatively together. Being at YCIS feels like being part of a big family.school music room

Besides the daily routine, there are great things at YCIS, we go on field trips where you learn and have fun. There are lots of special events happening, for example Founders Day, Sports Day, Pi Day, Book Week and many more.YCIS logo

There is also a variety of subjects (see on page ‘Our School YCIS‘) and Co-curricular Activities (CCA) plenty of opportunities to do different sports (for example swimming, soccer, and basketball) , art, music, clubs such as environment club or science club, and more.

YCIS also has great resources to use. We have labs, computer labs, outdoor sports, music rooms and let’s not forget our theater.

YCIS has a great cafeteria with great foods to eat – everyone loves it. There is always a variety of meals to choose from, a good mixture between Western and Chinese food. When there is a day where you surprisingly don’t like the food, you can have one of the amazing sandwiches.

running track

We love our play grounds, both the one at Regency Park campus and the one at Century Park Campus. At Century Park Campus we even have a Zip-Line.

Of course there are more reasons why YCIS is a great school, but it would take a long time to list them all. Going to YCIS puts a smile on every child’s face and never misses a chance to educate new students.

design and technology room

school library